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Approach To Family Law Cases

Most family law cases can and should be settled at the earliest possible time in order to avoid acrimony and the needless expenditure of attorney' s fees. We have established positive and constructive relationships with the leading family law attorneys in the Bay Area.

It is our policy to treat opposing counsel and the other spouse with courtesy and respect.  Family law litigation can be stressful and emotional. We believe that it is important for family law practitioners to conduct themselves as professionals, no matter how difficult the circumstances.

The optimal way to present a case is through a truthful and dignified presentation of evidence. We do not engage in the type of name-calling that is all too frequent in family law cases. It has been our experience that family law judicial officers do not respond well to exaggerated or embellished claims.

Most of our cases settle on an amicable basis without the need to appear in Court. On the other hand, some cases require a judicial resolution. Steven Stoltz has extensive trial experience in large asset and high conflict cases. We have a fully staffed office and associate attorneys. We have the resources to staff and handle substantial cases.

Family Law Litigation
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Steven Stoltz
Family Law Litigation

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